About me.自我介紹:黃佳萱 About me. 自我介紹My name is Amy (黃佳土地買賣萱). I am a girl. I am ten years old. I live in Alian. My 酒店經紀birthday is on August third. My telephone number is *******. 酒店工作There are eight people in my family. My teacher is Nicole. I am 酒店打工in grade 4. I don’t have a boyfriend. I am Number 30. I like 酒店兼職to pizza and candy. I like to play computer games. I like pink 室內設計and red. My favorite subject is English. My favorite sports are 裝潢badminton and baseball. I don’t like to play basketball, 室內裝潢tennis, volleyball and skate.  

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